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Healthcare Emergency Preparedness Systems

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Rapidly expand your area’s healthcare delivery system with a compactly stored, easy to deploy, Alternate Care Site (ACS) System and/or Mobile Emergency Room (ER).

Response-Friendly™ ACS SystemACS PIC FOR BLOG POST

  • Complete, 25-bed scalable system.
  • Provides low acuity care within any building of opportunity.
  • Meticulously organized for efficient care.
  • Includes an inventory tracking SmartBook™ for easy management.


Response-Friendly™ Mobile ERER PIC FOR BLOG POST

  • Deployable near an emergency or existing ER.
  • Provides advanced levels of care in a way health care professionals expect.
  • Mobile medical cases are compact and portable.
  • Compatible equipment and supplies are packaged and ready for use.

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Compact Response MedKits

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Designed around a single core capability, VeriCor MedKits are the most compact and economical surge response available.


Hospital Triage & Treatment System

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A dynamic, large capacity system with which triage & treatment can be performed. This color-coded system is ready upon arrival.

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The catalog provides a brief overview of VeriCor systems, products and services. The catalog is available in print and digital form.


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