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One-on-One With VeriCor | Protecting Temperature-Sensitive Products | Mass Casualty Ready

One-on-One With VeriCor

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One-on-One With VeriCor

A) One-on-One With VeriCor

Find Preparedness Solutions at Booth 511!

This year’s Preparedness Summit aligns perfectly with VeriCor’s mission of fostering collaboration across sectors to address public health emergencies. At Booth 511, connect with Dan (VeriCor’s Director of System Design) to explore innovative solutions and strategies that bridge the gaps between public health, healthcare, and emergency management. Join us as we collectively tackle today’s cascading challenges and build a more resilient future.

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Safeguarding Temperature-Sensitive Products

A) Protecting Temperature-Sensitive Products

The Secret Weapon

Ensuring product viability during power outages is a critical concern in the medical field. Standard refrigerators can fail to maintain safe temperatures within hours. Cool Cube™ PCM coolers offer a dependable solution.

These innovative coolers utilize Phase Change Material (PCM) technology to maintain precise temperature ranges for several days, eliminating the need for electricity or external cooling. This ensures temperature-sensitive products’ continued safety and efficacy during storage and transport, even during a power outage.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

MCI Triage & Treatment System

B) Mass Casualty Ready?

VeriCor’s Mobile System Elevates Emergency Response

VeriCor’s mobile Hospital Triage and Treatment System extends care beyond traditional settings, optimizing patient outcomes in mass casualty events. Its user-friendly design, minimal maintenance requirements, and adaptability ensure the highest standard of care in emergencies. Invest in elevating your emergency response capabilities. Contact VeriCor at 608-526-6901 to discuss your preparedness needs.

Mobile HICS Station

C) Disaster Ready?

Take Command Anywhere

VeriCor’s Mobile Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Station offers a compact, deployable solution for streamlined incident response. This desk-sized unit unfolds into a comprehensive command center featuring:

  • Power Management System
  • Organizational Chart Display
  • Work Table
  • Overhead Lighting
  • Laptop Stand
  • Map/Document Board
  • Optional HICS Support Module

Ensure readiness for any situation. Contact VeriCor at 608-526-6901 or visit our website for more information.

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