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No Power? No Problem. | Mobile Command & Control | NEW Website

No Power No Problem

Hello, medical professionals!

Helping you be successful at what you do—is what we do. To do that better, two major improvements were unveiled:

  1. A revamped newsletter. In case you didn’t notice, this newsletter was on hiatus for about a month. But now it is back and better than ever. These weekly emails (generally delivered Tuesdays) contain pertinent information for those of you in health care and emergency preparedness. Have a suggestion on what to disseminate? Feel free to send a message to
  2. A new website. It was finally time to get into the e-commerce world, and with that came a new look and lot more product information. Check it out this week at  


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No Power No Problem
No Power No Problem

1) No Power? No Problem.

Keep vaccine/blood/pharmaceuticals safe for days! 

Power outages create major problems for temperature sensitive product. In late 2016, a South Australian storm led to cold chain breaks of over $400K worth of vaccine. The ability to protect vaccines (or other chilled product) during a blackout is not easy, as the typical medical-grade fridge drifts above 8°C/46°F within a couple of hours after losing power (read more about this topic here). Cool Cube™ PCM coolers not only maintain a tight temperature range for days without ice or electricity, they are safe, easy and ready to transport the product if need be. So if your contingency plan does not involve on a reliable generator, you might as well start considering a Cool Cube™.

2) Mobile Command & Control

From storage to an on-site HICS station in an instant!

In storage it is out of the way and takes up the space of a desk. But deploy this station anywhere to establish command and control. The front cover unclips and transforms into a table (an additional work surface). The top lid rotates up to reveal your HICS org chart and overhead light. A laptop stand rises above the inlay map/document grease board work surface to keep the technology out of the way but accessible. And having both drawers and shelves enables you to organize it the way you want. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

From storage to an on-site HICS station in an instant

3) ***NEW*** Website

Easy navigation, more information & e-commerce!

The biggest complaint about the old site was it didn’t have an easy way to purchase products…customers had to call/email to make a purchase. Now — experience a fast, easy, secure checkout with a credit card or your Amazon account. Need a calibrated thermometer? That’s easy…find the product (via the menu or search bar), choose the shipping, and checkout. But a lot more has been done to the site so take a look around and tell us what you think. Have a suggestion? Send it to

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