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Protect Vaccine During a Power Outage

Protect Vaccine from Power Outage

Protect Vaccine During a Power Outage 

Power outages create major problems with vaccine storage. Vaccine storage temperatures are critical, and your ability to protect vaccines during a blackout begins from the moment you start storing vaccine. The costs of a power failure can be high, such as the South Australian storms of 2016 that caused 14,656 vaccines to be lost due to cold chain breaks (over $400,000 worth).

The Problem – Poor Insulation and Heavy Power Consumption
The typical vaccine refrigerator goes outside the acceptable temperature range within a couple of hours of losing electricity. The reason for this is two-fold. First, most vaccine refrigerators are poorly insulated with glass doors, which allows the internal temperature of the fridge to rise towards room temperature relatively quickly when there is no power (even when the refrigerator door is not opened). Second, even if backup power is available, power consumption is very high (because the design) and may run out during longer outages (some vaccine refrigerators use 10 times the energy of a household refrigerator).

The Solution – Cool Cubes™
Cool Cubes™ are a cost-efficient backup system. Coupled with off-site clinics, these dual-use coolers (an all-in-one qualified container and pack-out system) have providers re-thinking their power outage plans. The simplicity of use, and dependable consistency, make these a slam dunk for those not able to afford a big, redundant power system.

Technology and Design of Cool Cubes™
The Cool Cube™ portable cooler was initially designed as a reusable cold chain shipper that public health providers used for the long-term transport of vaccine. It is designed to be extremely well insulated and passively energy efficient.

Through extensive testing under extreme conditions, the Cool Cube™ line of portable coolers is independently lab validated under ISTA Test Procedure 7D to hold the 2-8°C range for over 65 hours in hot, summer weather. This no ice, no electricity solution is a great product used worldwide in both extreme heat and frigid conditions. With Cool Cubes™ as a backup, staff and management are assured that the cold chain is intact through the night, weekend, or any other time for multiple days due to a disruption of power.

Not Just for Vaccine
Cool Cubes™ are not just for refrigerated vaccine. Cool Cubes™ utilize three interchangeable PCM systems to maintain the temperature you need, without the use of ice: Refrigerated, Frozen & Room Temps

Refrigerated Temps: Keeps product in-between 2° to 8°C or 1° to 10°C (36° to 46°F or 34° to 50°F respectively).
Applications: Fresh vaccine, medicine, blood products

Frozen Temps: Keeps product in-between -50° to -15°C (-58° to 5°F).
Applications: varicella, MMRV, Zoster, FFP

Room Temps: Keeps product in-between 15° to 25°C or 20° to 24°C (59° to 77°F or 68° to 75°F respectively).
Applications: FFPE, biospecimens, platelets

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