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The Newest Line of Cool Cubes™

VeriCor Introduces the newest line of Cool Cubes™ — The Cold Chain’s Best, Most Advanced Coolers Ever
Including a vibrant new color, more pockets and many other user-friendly features.

HOLMEN, WI – October 25, 2016 – VeriCor, LLC, the global producer of Response-Friendly™ Systems, Products and Services, today introduced the best, most advanced line of Cool Cubes™ ever, packed with unique features that improve all the ways Cool Cubes™ are used every day.

VeriCor’s newest line of Cool Cubes™ follows their predecessors to provide a portable, qualified container and pack-out system that keeps temperature sensitive product (vaccine, medicine, blood, etc.) at the appropriate temperature for an extended period of time – without using ice or electricity.

“The enhancements have improved every aspect of the user experience, reaching a new level of innovation and usability to make this the best line of Cool Cubes™ we have ever made,” said Luther Olson, VeriCor’s director of marketing. “All Cool Cubes™ now have places to put data loggers, have a system to identify the desired internal temperature, and are even easier to manage and move around.”

4l-right-angle-closedThe Improvements
A New Color
An dynamic blue case is the most noticeable change of the small and medium Cool Cubes™, making them the most attractive cases to date. Previous models were tan.

Clear Pockets on All Sides
Both small and medium Cool Cubes™ have standardized, clear pockets on all four sides. The pockets allow the user to monitor, track and manage their valuable product even better by having easy access to important documents, materials, and/or a monitoring device.

Removable Shoulder Strap
Previous models of the small and medium Cool Cubes™ had an adjustable shoulder strap. That strap has been lengthened, has a non-slip pad, and now is removable.

ID Cards
Because internal cooling panels can be swapped to manage various temperature ranges, Cool Cubes™ now come with “color cards” to identify the internal temperature parameters. These cards help the users that have one unit for multiple purposes (i.e. fresh vaccine one day, frozen varicella the next).

Big Cooler, Big Features
A new Tru-Trac System™ paves the way for the new, larger Cool Cubes™. This unique wheel configuration effortlessly tracks the cooler behind the user when being pulled. The addition of an external pocket securely retains a monitor and/or important documents to the outside of the case. And the new flexible grommet opening enables users to easily route a data logger probe cord through the case, for the external monitoring of internal temperatures.

The Little Extras
A revamped User Guide, Quick Start Guide, and “fragile” label (CDC recommended) are all part of the little extras that now come standard with Cool Cubes™.

VeriCor revolutionized health care preparedness with the introduction of Response-Friendly® Medical Systems in 2006. Today, VeriCor leads the world in innovation of products, systems, and services specific to emergency preparedness. VeriCor employees are dedicated to making products more complete, efficient and simpler than conventional methods, specifically for that time when you will need it most.

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