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New Color~Improved Features~Fast Delivery


At VeriCor, we want to continually improve the experience for customers like you. Here is what to expect with the best, most advanced line of Cool Cubes™ ever:
  • A portable, qualified container and pack-out system that keeps temperature sensitive product (vaccine, medicine, blood, etc.) at the appropriate temperature (fridge, frozen, or room) for an extended period of time (2.5+ days) – without using ice or electricity.
  • An attractive, user-friendly case that makes it easy to carry a digital data logger (DDL) monitor and/or other supplies on the outside of the container.
    • more clear pockets
    • removable, padded shoulder strap
    • CDC recommended label
    • ID cards for identifying internal temp parameters
  • Fast delivery with great customer service.
    • All models are in stock now, ready to ship.
    • You call…we answer! Simple customer service.
For details of this newest line of Cool Cubes™, see the official October 25, 2016 press release here.

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