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National Healthcare Coalition | Data Logger Probe Integration | Staff training

National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conf

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In this biweekly issue:

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National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conf

A) National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conf

Nov 30 – Dec 2, 2021 in Orlando, FL

We are looking forward to seeing many of you in the #NHCPC21! exhibit hall in two weeks. As you plan your experience, please take a moment to stop by Booth 409 to see products first hand and connect with us in person. A part of the Triage & Treatment System will be on display and a Cool Cube™ 08 @ Refrigerated Temps.

News & Promotions

Data Logger Probe Integration

A) A Premier Qualified Container & Packout

For vaccine, medicine, blood products, FFP and more.

Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers are premier qualified containers and packouts that the CDC refers to in the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit. They are:

      • Ultra-safe (they utilize temperature-specific PCM)
      • Easy to use (they are quick to pack-out)
      • Long lasting (go 3+ days without ice or electricity)
      • Quality focused (produced with high-end components)

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Intuitive, Sustainable and Trainable

B) As things start opening up…

…don’t forget about staff training!

By design, Response-Friendly® Systems (found in all but two states) are intuitive and sustainable. However, if time and resources are scarce and an exercise is needed to deploy or maintain the system, give us a call. Our staff can give your team quality training on maximizing the system while minimizing your stress and time involved. From essential how-to management to full-out disaster scenarios, you choose a package that fills your need. Call (608) 526-6901 today to speak with a training specialist.

Dependable, Temporary Beds

C) Mobile, Storable Surge Beds

Ready to set up in any building of opportunity!

When a disaster hits, beds are some of the first items people turn to for care, comfort, and rest. VeriCor’s line of emergency preparedness beds has a foldable design for easy and compact storage that meets FEMA and ADA compliance standards. Plus, they are dependable and comfortable when needed most. All beds (& racks) are made with pride right here in the USA.

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