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Medical Cases | Cool Cube™ FAQ | HICS Workstation

Medical EM Cases Supply Storage and Deployment

Medical CasesResponse Ready Cases Organize for a Rapid Response

Organize EP Assets

When personnel go into the field, it is essential that medical supplies arrive safe, intact and ready for treatment. Secure, mobilize, organize, and protect valuable medical equipment and supplies in storage. From the compact Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) to the rolling Mobile Charging Station (MC-MCS), checkout VeriCor’s wide array of options. Customization available.
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Cool Cube™ FAQCold Chain Management has Evolved

A Question From Your Colleagues

Question: “What kind of buffering material is suggested?”

Answer: NONE! Sometimes habits get so ingrained that progress is stifled (case in point). As the story goes, in the old days ice bottles kept vaccine cool while traveling or administering off-site. But because the ice bottles were at 0°C/32°F, of course buffering material was needed (plus a little hope the vaccine wouldn’t get too cold). Nowadays, Cool Cube™ phase change materials (PCMs) have custom formulated temperatures (fridge, frozen, room) within the needed parameters. For instance, vaccine needing to stay between 2-8°C is put in a Cool Cube™ with panels that are at 4.5°C/40.1°F. Because no buffering material is needed, more space is available for pack-out and the SOP is simplified. See more about the Cool Cube™ in this short 2-minute video. 

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HICS WorkstationMobile HICS Station

Centralize Command & Control

Check out this extremely adaptable Hospital Incident Command Station to prepare for the next logistical, operational or command situation. In storage it takes up the space of a desk. In deployment it facilitates command and control during field operations. A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, inlay map/document grease board, and two Easyboards® are a few of the wonderful features of this case. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anytime, anywhere.

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