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Fun Facts about the Cool Cube | Product Protection | Compact Bed Solution

Facts about Cool Cube

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Facts about Cool Cube

A) Did You Know?

Fun Facts about the Cool Cube™

  • The CDC had a picture of one of the first versions of the Cool Cube™ 03 on the cover of the 2018 Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit. (See that archived version here).
  • The Cool Cube™ 96 @ Refrigerated Temps can hold 134 boxes (or 1400 vials) of vaccine between 2-8°C for 126 hours (or 5+ days) in the summer heat (a 71-95°F cycling temperature).
  • The shell (case and insulation) of a Cool Cube™ 08 weighs just 3 pounds more than a similar-in-size Igloo Playmate® cooler. So, you get a performance cooler tailored for medical products for a tad extra weight.
  • Utilizing just one of the phase change material (PCM) panels that comes with the Cool Cube™ 08 @ Refrigerated Temps results in a 2-8°C hold time of 22 hours in an office environment. Utilizing all six PCM panels increases the time to more than 130 hours.
  • The Cool Cube™ 28 & 96 models have a dedicated pocket outside the case and a cord port that enables the temperature probe to “pass through” the case wall.
  • Cool Cube™ PCM coolers are being utilized in 49 of 50 states here in the USA. Customer testimonials are here.

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Product Protection

A) Unlock Unbeatable Product Protection

Your Product’s Best Friend Inside and Out!

Cool Cube™ tech is your all-in-one guardian. Inside, it maintains ideal product temperatures without ice or electricity, while on the outside, it’s ready for action with locking features. Smaller ones have lockable dual zippers, and larger ones come with hasps for padlocks (locks not included). It’s where temperature meets top-notch security!

If you haven’t already, we invite you to watch this less-than-2-minute explainer video demonstrating valuable insights into the benefits and reliability of Cool Cube™ PCM coolers for temperature-sensitive products.

Dependable, Temporary Beds

B) Maximize Space, Minimize Stress

VeriCor’s Compact Bed Solution

VeriCor’s emergency preparedness beds are a game-changer. They’re ultra-reliable, incredibly comfortable, and super convenient. Their compact design makes them a perfect fit for tight spaces in emergency response teams and facilities. Plus, they exceed FEMA and ADA standards, guaranteeing top-notch care. Our beds are proudly made in the USA, supporting local businesses and promoting domestic manufacturing. For the ultimate in emergency preparedness, click the image or call 608-526-6901 to chat with VeriCor’s experts!

C) Your Temperature-Sensitive Solution

DDLs That Are Here to Help

Are you seeking a dependable solution for managing temperature-sensitive items? We thoughtfully crafted our range of user-friendly and cost-effective Digital Data Loggers (DDLs) to monitor and record temperature data continuously. Meanwhile, reports are a breeze with the simple download-to-USB technology (no software installation required). Click the image or call our experienced VeriCor team at 608-526-6901 today!

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