z – Vaccination Workstations

VeriCor’s Mobile Vaccination Workstations are ideal for operations requiring mobile response. From large vaccination campaigns to pandemic outbreak preparedness, these mobile workstations are the ultimate in durable mobile organization. All workstations include a detachable table for creating a work surface wherever it is needed. Then choose between storage or built-in cold chain management refrigerator. Each workstation is a self-contained unit and can be set-up or stored away in an instant.
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MC-42 with 3 Drawers Refrigerator and Table
Mobile Workstation w/ 3 Drawers & Refrigerator

24″ w/ 3 Drawers & Table
42″ w/ 6 Drawers & Table
42″ w/ Refrigerator, 3 Drawers & Table
48″ w/ 6 Drawers & Table
48″ w/ Refrigerator, 3 Drawers & Table