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Emergency Burn Care

Emergency Burn Care Header The Challenge
Planning for, and having enough materials on hand for, specialty care burn afflictions is time consuming and expensive. However, ASPR’s 2017 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities require that “all hospitals should be prepared to receive, stabilize, and manage burn patients.” (p.52)

Meeting the Challenge
VeriCor provides all types of health care institutions with medical surge systems and solutions for specialized response. VeriCor’s initiative is providing health care with a simple yet comprehensive solution for burn care response. VeriCor understands that budgets and asset storage is tight and that is why the design team has developed burn care kits to specifically address your limited budget, patient capacity and storage restrictions.

VeriCor’s solutions are:
  • Complete with all the products you need to treat moderately afflicted burn patients.
  • Designed for a small storage and deployment foot print.
  • Managed with an inventory manual (a SmartBook™) that provides all vital information about the products in the kit.
  • Packaged into Response-Friendly™ Organizers providing an intuitive layout of healthcare personnel.
  • Scaled/customized for your particular planned patient levels, patient severity and sustainment times.

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