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The Cool Cube™ Edge | Workstations Made Simple | Easy Replenishment

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The Cool Cube™ EdgeThe Cool Cube™ Edge

Pun Intended

Cool Cubes™ have the edge when it comes to temperature sensitive transport:
The extremely effective Surround-Care™ Insulation system has a patented edge abutment assembly process to increase resistance to abrasion and impact.
The passive cooling system is comprised of PCM made from vegetable sources, which has the edge on other paraffin-based variations (vegetable-based PCMs are renewable, biodegradable, less expensive).
The passive cooling panels have a 45° beveled edge that enable it to fit with the other panels to form a chamber that completely and efficiently surrounds the payload (also making it foolproof during pack-out).

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Workstations Made SimpleWorkstations Made Simple

Simplifying the Process

Choosing a mobile workstation can be like shopping at a car dealership…too many choices. Let us simplify it:
Want a small organizer and table? Click here.
Want a good amount of space and a dedicated refrigerator? Click here.
Want a lot of space and a dedicated refrigerator? Click here.
Want a ton of space and the table? Click here.
Want the maximum amount of space and a large table? Click here.
Now all that is left is to choose the color (unless you want a customized one).

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Easy ReplenishmentEasy Replenishment

What to Do When Supplies Expire

If you have done business with VeriCor in the last 12 years, THANK YOU! Your support enables us to help others like you, which in turn saves lives. If you have a Response-Friendly® System (Vaccination, ACS, ER, Triage & Treatment, MedKits, etc.), please make sure all of the supplies are up-to-date and not expired. To do this, check your SmartBook™ for line items with expired or expiring dates, order new supplies, and then go to the appropriate case/location to swap them out. Don’t have time for that? We understand. Our replenishment services range from label-and-ship to on-site replenishment.

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