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3 Ways to Have More Time in 2017

1. Look at areas of work that require the most time. Meetings, trainings, supply management, or system development (among other things) take a big chunk of time. Simply recognize the biggest time-suckers to start making them less time-consuming. 2. Identify what tasks can be batched (grouping similar tasks that require similar resources in order to streamline completion) and schedule a time to do them. What gets scheduled gets done, so this must be intentional and the time must be protected (the average time it takes to regain complete focus after a distraction…15 minutes). Batch tasks to maximize concentration and decrease distraction, ultimately creating more time for other areas of work. Check out The Pomodoro Technique…one of many methods of batching (VeriCor has no affiliation with the Cirillo Company). 3. Literally “buy” time. Purchasing services or products that are tried and tested eliminates time spent reinventing the wheel. Not only is time saved with every use (with a compounding effect), these moments spent on other areas of work may lead to breakthroughs otherwise not attainable. VeriCor may be able to help… The preparedness, vaccination, and medical response fields of work are time-consuming. Check out these tried and tested Response-Friendly™ products to have more time for the important things in 2017:
Looking forward to helping you in 2017!
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