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2018 CDC Toolkit | FST System for Healthcare | The VACCINATOR Line

2018 CDC ToolkitNewly Revised by the CDC 2018

In Case You Missed It

This was one of our most popular posts/emails last month, so we thought we would share it again in case you missed it. Thank you to those of you who took the time to thank us…it encourages us to provide more of this value-related content.

Last month the CDC published the most recent revision of the “Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit” (found on the CDC website here). The #1 question: What changed?

The 82-page document is a lot to take in. But if familiar with the previous version, review/download the changes we’ve notated in a nice, simple, 2-page PFD found here.

The Cool Cube™ is fast becoming the prominent tool public health departments rely on to keep their vaccine safe (for back-up and off-site clinics). And now hospitals, blood banks and medical transport providers are grabbing hold of the game-changing technology of the Cool Cube™.

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FST System for HealthcareFST System for Healthcare

Response-Friendly® Mobile ER

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. With some rethinking and hard work, VeriCor retooled the FST concept into a system for health care emergency preparedness — the Response-Friendly® Mobile Emergency Room (ER). This system supports advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury. Be ready when disaster strikes with this complete, efficient, and simple patient surge system.

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The VACCINATOR LineReady-to-Go Supplies

Ready-to-Go Supplies

The DIY model of counting, ordering and organizing all of the supplies needed for upcoming vaccination campaigns is tiresome. Save time and look more professional with pre-packaged kits by VeriCor. We have three primary sizes: 500, 2500, & 5000-person. These easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used for seasonal off-site clinics or stored for large-scale pandemics. Already have the supplies but like our setup? Get a workstation to fit your needs (various sizes and configurations available).

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