How do I condition the “VT-08” for use?

  1. Place panels in a freezer until all PCM turns solid (i.e. 2 hrs. @ -15°C). Shake to verify.
  2. Transfer panels into a fridge at least 3 hours before use. Panels may be stored in the fridge until needed for assembly or the PCM melts.*
  3. Before assembly, shake panels to verify PCM is solid. If liquid is heard, restart at step 2a to ensure longest hold time. Using liquid panels, or panels with a solid/liquid combination, decreases hold time.
*If a refrigerator maintains 4°C or below, the PCM within the panels will not melt (melting point is 4.5°C), which will keep the panel solid indefinitely until pack-out. If the refrigerator maintains 5°C or above, periodically check for melting and restart at step 2a to ensure best performance.
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