How long does it take to prep the FT-96 for use?

The time varies between prep methods: Method A: ≈ 24 hours Method B: ≈ 3 hours Method C: ≈ 24 hours In the user guide we recommend Method A, although all methods work. Choose the method that works best with your schedule and available resources. If you store the PCM panels in your freezer they Read More

How do I prep the “RT-96” for use?

Store panels in a lab incubator* between 15-20°C so PCM is solid (i.e. 48 hrs. @ 15°C). Shake to verify. Before assembly, shake panels to verify PCM is solid. If liquid is heard, restart at step 2a to ensure the longest hold time. Using liquid panels, or panels with a solid/liquid combination, decreases hold time. Read More