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Three Product Lines for PHEP, HPP and Ebola Preparedness

Low-cost, easy-to-procure, VeriCor product lines for PHEP, HPP and Ebola Preparedness:

  1. Cool Cubes™Three Product Lines for PHEP, HPP and Ebola Preparedness
    • Validated coolers to keep vaccine/blood at a refrigerated temperature for 65+ hours…without the use of electricity or gel/ice packs (and without the danger of freezing product). Also available in frozen and room temperature models. See more product details
  2. Ebola PPE Modules
    • Pre-packaged kits come in quantities of 12 or 25, or get a system of supplies ready for 100 uses. This ready-to-use gear will be a welcomed safeguard for healthcare and support staff. See more product details
  3. Organizers/Cases
    • Systemize, store and respond with preparedness supplies in labeled, Response-Friendly™ organizers and cases. See more product details

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Compact Systems

Minor emergency treatementVeriCor’s compact systems include a line of MedKits (essential medical supplies in an organized, mobile, hangable organizer), a vaccination line (supplies ready for outreach clinics…just add staff and vaccine), and other specialized response modules.


Complete Surge Systems

Major Emergency Response - Complete Surge Systems

VeriCor’s complete surge systems include Hospital Triage & Treatment, Alternate Care Site, Mobile Emergency Room and Pan-Flu Cache Modules. These systems are Response-Friendly™…ready to go into any building of opportunity when the need arises.

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