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Quickly Triage an MCI | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Preparedness Training

On Scene Treatment and Triage

Quickly Triage an MCITriage & Treat On-Scene

A Disaster Planning System

Incidences that can that can overwhelm or disrupt the care capacity of your healthcare system can be prepared for. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System manages and equips responders with the resources to triage AND treat victims of a mass casualty incident (MCI). Color-coded mobile cases and care-specific hanging jump bags that contain the prepackaged supplies are the backbone of the system, while a SmartBook™ enables the simple management of product during and after an event.

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Cool Cube™ FAQsimplicity of the Cool Cube™

A Question From Your Colleagues

Question: Do panels need to lay flat during prep?

Answer: Yes. Laying the panels flat during prep accomplishes two things: #1 The phase change material (PCM) inside is evenly distributed throughout the panel, for even cooling when solid. #2 The panel will be a uniform thickness and not bulge where the PCM would settle if upright. Check out the short video here to see the safety and simplicity of the Cool Cube™.

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Preparedness TrainingTrain and Exercise MCI Scenerios

Test/Exercise the System

Time and resources may be scarce, but there will never be an ideal time. Let the VeriCor professionals help with what they know best. VeriCor training packages can alleviate the stress and time involved with leading a drill/exercise. From basic “how do I manage product?” sit-downs, to full-out MCI scenarios, VeriCor’s team will ensure that you and your staff are properly trained.

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