Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC-sides-down
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC-lid
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC-latch
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC-collpased
Response-Ready-Container -- MC-RRC-4-high

Response-Ready Container

For Storing & Deploying Bulk Supplies

A folding bulk container with convenient four-way forklift access. This 100% polyethylene material resists rust, odors, and moisture and cleans easily, making it ideal for the storage and deployment of large, bulky medical supplies.

This product is made to order. Call 866-469-6019 to request an estimated lead time.

Litter Equipment Organizer

A large equipment rack that protects litters, stands, pads and straps during storage and enables the mass movement/deployment of bulk supplies. This mobile rack has various compartments for organizing supplies various ways.

Medical Equipment Chest

A large equipment chest that has an enormous capacity for supply storage. This wheeled case protects assets during storage and deployment, while keeping responders safe with many standard features. Two removable trays are handy for smaller items.


The Response-Ready Container (MC-RRC) is a collapsible, reusable container for shipping and storing large equipment and/or bulky supplies. Built for years of service under the toughest conditions, spring-loaded latches make opening/closing the access doors easy, as well as folding it when not in use. It features self-standing side walls for efficient assembly and collapse, is collapsible and stackable, and is 4-way forklift accessible.

Technology & Features

MC-RRC magnifying
tech MC-RRC

Polyethylene construction structurally reinforced at all stress points for added strength and stability.

Smooth inner surface cleans easily.

Drop gates fold down a size to reach the bottom of the container.

Additional Features

  • 30.2 cubic foot capacity.
  • 4-way forklift access.

Dimensions & Specs

In Use: 48″ x 40″ x 39″
Collapsed: 48″ x 40″ x 13″
Weight: 152 lbs.



General FAQ

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