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Physics 101 | Mobile Incident Command Center | Storable & Portable PPE Kits

HICS Case - Mobile Incident Command Center OG

Use 0° or 4.5°C Coolant?Use 0° or 4-5°C Coolant

Physics 101

When using a conditioned water bottle as a coolant, the bottle plateaus at 0°C until completely thawed (the basic physics is that the warm energy is absorbed by the ice to melt it). Now compare that to specialized PCM (phase-change material) which, under the same principle, plateaus at 4.5°C until completely thawed. Which coolant is safer to have next to valuable vaccine, blood, medicine or other refrigerated product…0°C or 4.5°C? (FYI, the Cool Cube™ at Fridge Temps uses 4.5°C PCM.)

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HICS CaseHICS Case - Mobile Incident Command Center OG

Mobile Incident Command Center

In preparation for the next logistical, operational or command situation, secure and organize incident command supplies within a Hospital Incident Command Center (MC-HICS…11 colors to choose from). A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, an inlay map/document greaseboard, and 2 Easyboards® are just a few of the features of this case. Pair it with the HICS Support Module (or your own kit) and be ready to respond anywhere…anytime!

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EVD & Other ID PreventionInfectious Disease Prep Ready to use EVD PPE Kits

Storable & Portable PPE Kits

Infectious disease incidents pose unique challenges that diminish a healthcare’s response to an emergency. Because of this, VeriCor developed Ebola PPE Modules (kits) to save lives, control the spread of disease, and enable continuity of health care services. Smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized within a mobile storage case. The 100-patient contact module integrates PPE into four mobile cases, and includes an inventory management SmartBook™. Customization options are available.

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