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A) Order Now

A 2nd wave is expected (& supply chains are still in flux).

With COVID variants taking hold of the nation, another surge of Cool Cube™ ordering is anticipated this fall. In preparation, we have on-order supplies needed to make thousands of VeriCor coolers. But, with supplies and logistics in flux worldwide, we are only able to do so much. 28 & 96 models (the larger sizes) are available right now. 03 & 08 sizes are two and three months out, respectively. Order now to get in line—free cancellation until it ships (which will move others up in line 🙂)!

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Refrigerator Temps PCM Panel for Cool Cube 03

A) New Labels = Easier to Use + Enhanced Support

On the same great product.

Cool Cube™ PCM panels are now coming to you with a little different look—new labeling! Gone are the days of trying to cross-reference alphanumeric characters to determine what goes where. The features of this labeling:

  • Easy-to-understand (& serialized)
  • Color-coded w/ specific holding temperature
  • Size of Cool Cube™ the panel is meant for
  • General pack-out steps (for new staff)
  • Easy to get information (QR code, webpage & phone)

With this rollout, there is a whole new series of instructional videos to accompany all the different prep methods of the Cool Cube™:

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

ACS Preparedness

B) Alternate Care Site (ACS) System

Ready to set up in any building of opportunity!

To expand treatment outside hospital walls, you will need the right supplies and equipment on hand. VeriCor Alternate Care Site Systems already have that covered. You pick the type of treatment, and a system is built to your specs, ready for deployment. The Response-Friendly® philosophy ensures your patients will get care quickly. Learn more by either clicking the picture (or button) or calling 608-526-6901 to talk to an experienced VeriCor staff today.

In-the-Field ER for Hospital Coalitions

C) Emergency Room (ER) System

Sets up in minutes.

FSTs (Forward Surgical Teams) are small, mobile surgical units in the United States Army. VeriCor revamped the concept into a mobile emergency room system specifically for emergency preparedness health care coalitions. It supports advanced levels of care typically needed within the “golden hour” of injury during mass causality incidents. Learn more by either clicking the picture (or button) or calling 608-526-6901 to talk to an experienced VeriCor staff today.

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