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Off-Site Flu Clinic Must-Have Assets

Off-Site Flu Clinic Must-Have Assets
Asset #1: FREE Flu Clinic Planning Tips. Download this popular white paper here (300+ last year) to assist in planning the next campaign. It hasn’t changed in two years, so if you have it there is no need to download it again. Notice the old style of Cool Cubes™ on it.

Asset #2: A portable cooler specifically for vaccine. A Cool Cube™ is not free, but it will save time, money and headache in the future. All three sizes of these super-insulated coolers use special PCM (click to learn more) to keep vaccine 2-8°C for over 3 days. No Ice, no electricity. Other temperatures are available.

Asset #3: A CDC compliant data logger. The proof that valuable vaccine is being kept at the appropriate temperature is critical. Use a portable, easy to use data logger to confirm that the vaccine is/was safe. We carry the most popular models of data loggers, made by the best manufactures, at a competitive price.

A portable cooler specifically for vaccine

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Vaccination Supplies Ready to Go

Vaccination Supplies Ready to Go
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Portable Coolers for Vaccine (and other things)

Organizers and Cases for Supply Management

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