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Introducing the Cool Cube™ 100 & Cool Cube™ 8L


The Cold Chain’s Ice-Free/Electricity-Free Transport Coolers

Industry leader VeriCor, LLC has developed the mid-size Cool Cube™ 100 and Cool Cube™ 8L to maintain vaccine, blood and other temperature sensitive products at a consistent temperature for extended periods of time.

HOLMEN, WI – October 14, 2014 – VeriCor, LLC, producer of Response-Friendly™ Medical Systems, announces the addition of the mid-sized Cool Cube™ 100 and Cool Cube™ 8L to its popular line of Cool Cube™ transport coolers.

VeriCor’s newest Cool Cubes™, model numbers VT-100 (2° to 8°C) and BT-8 (1° to 10°C), follow their predecessors in providing a portable, ice-free and electricity-free solution to cold-chain management. While doubling the payload volume of the smaller Cool Cube™, they are validated to hold defined temperatures for over 76 hours. The Cool Cube™ 100 and Cool Cube™ 8L provide the simplest and best thermal protection for refrigerator temperature vaccine and other sensitive products.

“With many public health departments changing from multi-dose vials over to single-dose, prefilled syringes, customers have started to ask for a size in-between the current models,” said Luther Olson, VeriCor’s Marketing Director. “The new Cool Cube™ 100 is just that – it’s wide enough to fit the typical prefilled syringe box, long enough to accommodate multiple boxes, and compact enough to be carried over-the-shoulder.”

Cool Cubes™ excel at simple, worry-free performance. They contain a specialized phase change material formulated for specific temperature ranges (to meet the unique needs of diverse products). This specialized material is contained within six thermal isolation panels that are frozen like typical gel packs. The panels then slide into the case of the Cool Cube™ to form the walls of the payload compartment. Product in direct contact with the walls is not in jeopardy of ever becoming too cold (freezing), a big advantage over other pack-out procedures. When combined with the outstanding insulating components of the case, panels maintain the payload at a consistent temperature range for an extended period of time. This unique design provides health care professionals with a simple pack-out process, a consistent temperature performance and better overall protection of valuable medical products.

VeriCor’s full line of Response-Friendly™ Systems, Products and Services are complete, efficient and simple to use. They include:

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