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Lockable cold chain protection! | Staff PPE Kits | Pull Behind Trailers for EM

Lockable cold chain protection!

Hello, medical professionals!

Many coolers are not lockable, but those coolers are not built to transport valuable, life-saving product like the Cool Cube™. Section “A” highlights this valuable feature of these awesome coolers. Section “B” addresses the need for staff PPE kits, while section “C” provides the means to move large stockpiles of EP supplies. As always, have a productive week!

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Lockable cold chain protection!

A) Lockable cold chain protection!

Protect valuable product in more ways than one.

Cool Cube™ technology protects valuable product both inside and out. Inside, a combination of PCM (phase change material) and VIPs (vacuum insulated panels) keep the temperature of product where it needs to be (without ice or electricity). Outside, Cool Cubes™ are lockable to protect the unit from unwanted openings or access. Due to differing regulations of various entities, locks are not provided. However, Cool Cube™ PCM coolers are equipped to handle various locking mechanisms. The two smaller coolers have a dual zipper that is easily locked with TSA type locks. The two larger coolers have hasps to accommodate padlocks. Temperature protection inside…theft protection outside! If you haven’t already, watch this short 2-minute video to see the simplicity and dependability of the Cool Cube™.

B) Staff PPE Kits

Kits to keep the staff prepared!

An infectious disease will pose unique challenges that diminish your healthcare’s response to an emergency. Have on-hand prepositioned personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services. Smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized, size-labeled kits within a mobile storage case for quick deployment. The 100-contact module organizes all PPE into four mobile cases, and includes an inventory management SmartBook™ for easy rotation and handling. Customization options are available.

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Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers

C) Pull Behind Trailers for EM

Sometimes mobility is required!

Whether it’s getting supplies to where they are needed or providing a center for incident command, VeriCor’s emergency response trailers bring EP coordinators both mobility and versatility to contingency plans. From 18′ single-axle bumper pulls loaded with equipment, to 53′ gooseneck EOCs ready to take command, we can custom build a trailer with your specific response scenarios in mind.

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