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Kits to Vaccinate | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Fully Stocked Medical Kits


Kits to VaccinateKits to Vaccinate

Vaccination Supplies Ready-to-Go

The DIY model of counting, ordering and organizing all of the supplies needed for upcoming vaccination campaigns is tiresome. Save time and look more professional with pre-packaged kits by VeriCor. With three primary sizes (500, 2500, 5000-person), these easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used for seasonal off-site clinics or stored for large-scale pandemics. Already have the supplies but like our setup? Get a workstation to fit your needs (various sizes and configurations available).

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Cool Cube™ FAQCool Cube™ FAQ

A Question From Your Colleagues

Question: “At pack-out, how do I know what the temperature is inside the Cool Cube™?”

Answer: If you prepped the panels with the cargo, the Cool Cube™ will be at the temperature of the product at pack-out…that is the beauty of this system! Yet if prepped using any of the recommended methods, a fairly tight, consistent temperature within the desired range will be the result. Nonetheless, a digital data logger is recommended to monitor the internal temperature (various models can be purchased separately). All Cool Cubes™ have features that make using a corded monitor easy and convenient. See more about the Cool Cube™ in this short 2-minute video.

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Care-Specific & MobileFully Stocked Medical Kits

More advanced than a first aid kit, VeriCor MedKits contain treatment-specific supplies that are organized within a portable, rolled-up, quick-to-deploy UMO (Upright Medical Organizer…an advanced “jump bag”). When in a pinch, the responding providers have exact locations of the supplies (bag # and pocket) to facilitate a more effective response. Choose from a wide range of pre-built MedKits, or let us customize one tailored to your needs.

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