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Important Updates to the CDC’s Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit

Prepping for the Next Wave

Prepping for the Next WaveThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released critical updates to its Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit effective March 29, 2024. These revisions, which encompass a broad range of topics, are designed to assist healthcare providers in ensuring the safe and effective storage, handling, and transportation of vaccines. One key change is the clarification of “qualified containers” for vaccine transport, emphasizing their importance in maintaining vaccine potency.

VeriCor, a vaccine cold chain logistics leader, is proud to manufacture the Cool Cube™, a qualified container designed to meet the CDC’s stringent requirements. Our expertise in transport and contingency planning, combined with Cool Cube™ advanced temperature control capabilities, ensures that vaccines are protected throughout their journey and when emergency situations arise.

Key takeaways for healthcare providers:

  • Addendum and resources are now separate documents: This makes it easier to access the specific information you need.
  • Terminology updates: Some terms and phrases have been updated or clarified for better understanding.
  • Link changes: Several links have been updated to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Reconstituted vaccines: New guidance emphasizes the importance of following manufacturer instructions for storing reconstituted vaccines.
  • Emergency transport: This section has been thoroughly revised, with updated recommendations and a new table for easy reference.
  • Transporting mRNA vaccines: A new section provides specific guidance on transporting these vaccines.
  • Alternative storage: New guidance addresses temperature monitoring and ensuring adequate storage conditions at alternative sites.
  • Qualified containers: The definition has been clarified to emphasize the importance of these containers in vaccine transport. The Cool Cube™ from VeriCor is a prime example of a qualified container offering reliable protection for your valuable vaccine supply.

The CDC’s Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit updates underscore the dynamic nature of vaccine management and the importance of staying informed about best practices. Healthcare providers are encouraged to review the revised toolkit and consider partnering with VeriCor for their vaccine transport and contingency planning needs. By incorporating these changes and utilizing reliable solutions like the Cool Cube™, we can ensure optimal vaccine effectiveness and patient safety.

For a detailed list of changes (including page numbers), download our two-page “Toolkit Comparison (23-24)pdf.

Links to Current CDC Publications
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