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HPP-PHEP Funds Vanish Soon. Act Now!

There are only 332 days left to spend HPP-PHEP project funds…even carryover dollars.Top HPP-PHEP Product Lines for HPP-PHEP Funds
Your health department, tribe, healthcare coalition or facility must meet specific requirements at the end of this 5-year project. What preparedness product(s) will help achieve project success?


Top HPP-PHEP Product Lines
# Description Purpose
1 Cool Cube™ Coolers Vaccine Transport
2 Data Loggers Cold Chain Monitoring
3 Organizers/Cases Supply Organization
4 Ebola Kits Staff Safety
5 Alternate Care Site Modules At-Risk Integration
6 Triage & Treatment Modules Surge Preparedness
7 Vaccination Systems Pandemic Preparedness
8 MedKits General Treatment
9 Mobile Incident Command Centers Emergency Management
10 Response Trailers Off-Site  Response


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More Products


Pan-Flu Cache

pan-flu productsEstablish a mobile and robust Pan-Flu Cache System near a pandemic, or expand it into an existing medical facility. An organized stockpile of vital medical supplies will be critical for patient care during the next influenza pandemic.


Specialized Response

specialized response products

VeriCor’s Specialized Response Modules include Ebola PPE Kits, Pediatric Response Kits, Oxygen Manifold Kits, and VA DUV Kits. These modules are Response-Friendly™ and ready to support emergency preparation and mitigation plans.

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