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Boycott Using Ice! | Versatile Workstations | Registration Glitch

Boycott Using Ice!

Boycott Using Ice!Boycott Using Ice!

Ice Water is Not Between 2° and 8°C

A “properly conditioned” frozen water bottle is a mixture of water and ice that is at 0°C. Yet vaccine (and data logging reports) must never dip below 2°C. Is there not irony in promoting such a practice? The blog “Get Rid of Ice!!!” clearly spells out why nothing below 2°C should be placed in a cooler with refrigerated vaccine. The solution: an ice-free and electricity-free Cool Cube™ at Fridge Temps which utilizes 4.5°C PCM.

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Versatile WorkstationsVersatile Workstations

Medical Storage/Transport/Use

Many customers purchase workstations for vaccination initiatives. But every so often we have customers like you think up other uses for these versatile units. A favorite this month is using multiple colors to coordinate a triage response. So as you can see, with lots of variations (11 colors, 3-drawer/6-drawer, built-in refrigerator, multiple widths, custom labeling, etc.) the possibilities are endless.

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Registration GlitchRegistration Glitch

Last week we had a brief glitch in our registration process that affected a number of you trying to sign up/in. That’s been fixed, but we apologize if you had any problems! The good news is that we are in the final stages of rolling out a new website to improve your experience even further. Please bear with us during this transition process. If you do have any problems or questions, call us toll-free at 866-469-6019 (we enjoy talking with our customers). 

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