Terms & Conditions

ORDERS: All orders are contingent upon the availability of materials and other causes beyond VeriCor’s control. Typographical errors are subject to correction. CANCELLATIONS AND RETURNS: As a website order, VeriCor will charge the credit card in full once “Place Order” has been clicked. However, up until the order ships, website orders may be cancelled as the product has not been received yet. Once shipped, orders are non-cancelable and products are non-returnable. Please call to discuss special circumstances. PAYMENT: The credit card will be charged at the time of order. VeriCor VeriCor reserves the right to decline any order if the purchaser fails to provide necessary information or if fraud is suspected. CUSTOMS CLEARANCE: FedEx is the default broker unless otherwise requested by the customer. Applicable taxes, brokerage, or other fees are the responsibility of the customer upon import. SHIPPING TERMS: VeriCor will ship FOB Origin, Prepaid & Added unless otherwise indicated. SHIPPING TIME: VeriCor will ship the purchased items as soon as possible after the receipt of an order. VeriCor reserves the right to make partial shipments. If for any reason, VeriCor fails to ship by a specified date, VeriCor shall not be held responsible for any special or consequential damages. After the receipt of order, typical shipping times are: Cool Cubes™ – 1 week; Organizers & Cases – 8 weeks; Beds & Rolling Racks – 8 weeks; Systems – 8 weeks; Trailers – 8 weeks. Specific requirements by the purchaser must be agreed upon in writing by both parties before the order is placed (i.e. rush, expedited, specified date). SHIPPING METHOD: VeriCor will ship according to the selected service. Additional services required for delivery may result in additional charges to the purchaser. If a “Lift Gate Charge” is added (meaning there is no loading dock at the point of delivery), a lift gate will bring the pallet down to ground level at the point of delivery. Please call if additional services are needed (inside delivery, etc.). DELIVERY AREA: Products will be delivered to the address identified. SHIPPING (& HANDLING) CHARGE: The costs involved in preparing the products for shipment and delivering the products as defined in the order. Changes to delivery area, shipping time, shipping method or shipping terms from this order may result in additional charges to the purchaser. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS: Unless otherwise specified, all content on this website, including but not limited to text, set design, technical drawings, configurations, and other files (“Content”) are the property of VeriCor, LLC. Content may not be used or distributed, in whole or in part, without VeriCor’s prior written permission. You may transmit and print Content for use within your organization (provided that you keep all propriety notices intact); however, this limited consent does not include consent to republish or to incorporate the Content or its underlying information in any other form, including a request for competitive bids. Any other use of the Content is strictly prohibited. ANY CONFLICTING TERMS IN THE CUSTOMER’S ORDER AND THESE TERMS SHALL BE INTERPRETED AS THE CUSTOMER’S ORDER TERMS BEING SUPERSEDED BY THE TERMS CONTAINED HEREIN.  ALL ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS, UNLESS AGREED TO BY BOTH PARTIES IN WRITING.  THERE IS NO CONTRACT UNLESS THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS APPLY TO THIS ORDER: A. VeriCor will use its best efforts to obtain for customers any warranty provided by the manufacturer of the goods. VeriCor does not guarantee or otherwise assure the performance of the manufacturer’s warranty. Any claim on account of any such warranty will be made solely against the manufacturer and, notwithstanding any such claim; the purchase price will be paid on the terms set forth in VeriCor’s proposal and invoice. If there is no warranty provided by the manufacturer, then the goods are sold “as is.” All statements, technical information, and recommendations concerning goods or services sold or system designs provided by VeriCor are based upon information provided by customer and believed to be reliable but do not constitute a guaranty or warranty.  All goods or services are sold and system designs provided with the understanding that the customer has independently determined the suitability of such for its purposes. B. VERICOR MAKES NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR SUITABILITY. VeriCor disclaims all express and implied warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or suitability. C. Customer waives and releases VeriCor from any liability for damages, whether direct, incidental, special, or consequential, for breach of warranty. D. In no event will VeriCor have any liability for any incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with a breach of the sale or any other duty of VeriCor with respect to the goods or services, including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages for lost profits, lost sales or injury to persons or property. E. VeriCor’s liability on any claim of any kind, including but not limited to warranty, negligence, strict liability, and any other cause of action, for any loss or damage arising out of, connected with, or resulting from the performance or breach of the terms of sale of any goods or services, or from the design, manufacture, sale, delivery, resale, installation, technical direction of installation, inspection, repair, operation or use of any goods or services or part of those goods or services will in no case exceed the purchase price allocable to the goods or services or part of those goods or services that gives rise to the claim. F. No action for breach of any term of sale or any other duty of VeriCor with respect to goods or services may be commenced more than one year after the cause of action accrues. G. Customer assumes all responsibility for use of the goods or services and for training the persons and for verifying those persons have the required certifications and licenses that will use such. Customer will indemnify, defend and hold VeriCor harmless from any claim, demand, loss, liability, damage, or expense arising in any way from the use of the goods or services by the customer or its employees, agents, contractors, assigns or successors. H. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold VeriCor harmless from any and all claims, demands, liability, losses, expenses, attorney’s fees, and other obligations incurred by VeriCor which arise out of customer’s acts or omissions with respect to any goods or services sold by VeriCor to the customer or with respect to any other matter or transaction between the parties or which arise out of customer’s violation of any law. I. VeriCor makes no representation whatsoever with regard to whether any goods or services comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), or any other federal, state or local statute, law, ordinance, or ruling. VeriCor is not responsible for any use of the goods. Customers will be responsible for the safe use of all goods and services.