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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Organizers | EP Deployment Trailers


Cool Cube™ FAQAnother thing to keep in mind…Question: Is temperature monitoring integrated into the cooler?Answer: No, but it is ready to accommodate your monitor. The fact is a Cool Cube™ PCM cooler is so reliable and so steady, that monitoring the temperature is redundant, especially when using it for less than a day. There are Read More

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The Cool Cube™ Edge | Medical Organizers | EP Response Trailers

The Cool Cube™ Edge

The Cool Cube™ EdgeA Foolproof SystemCool Cubes™ have the edge when it comes to temperature sensitive transport:The extremely effective Surround-Care™ Insulation system has a patented edge abutment assembly process to increase resistance to abrasion and impact.The passive cooling system is comprised of PCM made from vegetable sources, which has the edge on other paraffin-based variations Read More