Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- MC-BUMO
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- MC-BUMO
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- BUMO-5
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- BUMO-4
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- BUMO-3
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- BUMO-2
Protective-Carry-Bag-for-MC-UMO -- BUMO-1

Protective Carry Bag for MC-UMO

For Storing & Carrying a Rolled-Up UMO

A protective carry bag for the MC-UMO to help protect, store and transport the UMO and packed-out product (sold separately). This durable vinyl bag has two large carry handles and wide opening, double-zipper access.


Portable Stand for MC-UMO

A snap-together stand for hanging VeriCor's Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO). Disassemble it for storage & carrying in its own bag; assemble it quickly & easily anywhere. Lightweight and stable, this is a must-have for any jump bag style organizer.

Upright Medical Organizer

An exclusive roll pack organizer for emergency preparedness supplies. Made of durable vinyl, this pack provides to visibility to supplies organized within the zippered pockets. Multiple hanging features allows vertical deployment almost anywhere.

The Protective Carry Bag for MC-UMO (MC-BUMO) will protect valuable assets for years of use. This handy carrying bag will protect, store and help transport the UMO and product (sold separately) into the field. Made of durable decontaminable vinyl, the MC-BUMO has a Response-Friendly® design that medical personnel will appreciate. It features two large carry handles, a wide opening, a double-zipper access panel, and a large, clear, zippered pocket for identification and documents. It is made of decontaminable, tear resistant vinyl.

Technology & Features

MC-BUMO magnifying
tech MC-BUMO

Two large carry handles for easy transport.

Zippered access for extra wide opening.

Large, clear, zippered pocket for identification and documents.

Additional Features

  • Made of durable decontaminable vinyl.

Dimensions & Specs

Closed: 38″ x 23″ x 23″
Weight: 3 lbs.



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