Patient Care Pan Flu Cache Module


Features Includes

  • Bedding Kits
  • Bedpans
  • Post-Mortem Bags
  • Foley Insertion Kits
  • Blood Draw Kits
  • etc.


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The Patient Care Pan-Flu Cache Module includes components needed to provide appropriate patient care. This Pan-Flu Cache module is designed to be utilized during an influenza pandemic and includeds support for children to adults. It is intuitively organized and ready to become part of a Response-Friendly, all-hazards, emergency stockpile. It includes 9 Response-Ready Containers, bedding kits, bedpans, post-mortem bags, foley insertion kits, blood draw kits, and more.

*Ask a sales representative about other included items.

Patient Care Pan Flu Cache Module – Response Ready Containers

  • 9 Response-Ready Containers
    • Stackable
    • 4-way forklift access
    • Lids protect supplies
    • Custom ID tags included
    • No racks needed
    • Each container measures 48″ x 40″ x 39″