Oxygen Supply Palletized Alternate Care Site Module


Module Includes

  • 10 Oxygen Tanks
  • Oxygen Cascade System w/ 6 Flowmeters
  • Wrenches
  • Signs
  • Tubing
  • 2 Cylinder Racks
  • Cylinder Cart
  • 2 Cylinder Stands
  • 2 Mobile Medical Cases
    • 2 Protective Cases



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The Oxygen Supply Palletized ACS Module includes the components necessary to store, transport and distribute oxygen to bedsides. This ACS (Alternate Care Site) module is utilized during a patient surge in the wake of a disaster. It is intuitively organized and packaged to be Response-Friendly. It includes 2 Oxygen Cascade Systems (each with 6 Flowmeters within 2 Protective Cases), Oxygen Tanks, Cylinder Racks, Cylinder Cart, Cylinder Stands, Wrenches, Signs, Tubing, and more.

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