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Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds

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COVID-19 Myths

A) Links and Information for Healthcare

Passing along the value we are finding.

Everyday there’s new resources created to help healthcare navigate COVID-19. Here are a few sites we’d recommend (these are not affiliated with VeriCor):

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News & Promotions

Cool Cube Pockets

A) A Pocket Made for Data Loggers

The Cool Cube™ has it!

On page 21 of the Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit the CDC states “a portable vaccine storage unit or qualified container and packout may be used with a DDL.” The problem is pairing a DDL (Digital Data Logger) with just any cooler can be a difficult, cumbersome, DIY project. But not if you have a Cool Cube™ PCM cooler! Integrated pockets and cord-management features allow a seamless integration between the Cool Cube™ and almost any DDL.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

The Problem's Solution

B) Record Accurate Temperatures All the Time

CDC recommended during storage and transport!

The cold chain is about controlling the environment of temperature sensitive product so that it is in optimal condition until needed. Exposure to any inappropriate condition results in big problems. That is why the CDC recommends the use of a specific type of temperature monitoring device known as a Digital Data Logger (DDL). A DDL continuously monitors the temperature (for prevention) and records data points (for detailed information if excursions happen). VeriCor carries a line of DDLs hundreds of customers have turn to as simple, affordable solutions.

Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds

C) Have Beds Ready for a Surge Situation!

Minimal storage—maximum flexibility.

When a disaster hits, beds are some of the first things people turn to for comfort, rest and treatment. VeriCor’s line of emergency preparedness beds have a folding design for easy and compact storage, while meeting FEMA and ADA compliance standards. But more importantly they are dependable and comfortable for when they will be needed most. All beds (& racks) are made in the USA.

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