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The Cool Cube™ Edge | Workstations Made Simple | Easy Replenishment

The Cool Cube™ EdgePun IntendedCool Cubes™ have the edge when it comes to temperature sensitive transport:The extremely effective Surround-Care™ Insulation system has a patented edge abutment assembly process to increase resistance to abrasion and impact.The passive cooling system is comprised of PCM made from vegetable sources, which has the edge on other paraffin-based variations (vegetable-based […]

Safe, Qualified Transport | Burn Care Kit | Cases Built for Medical Use

Safe, Qualified TransportNot Just for VaccineThe first Cool Cube™ was purchased by a small, human services department in eastern Wisconsin over 7 years ago. The premise was to give them an easy, dependable system that would keep vaccine cool for days — without using ice or electricity. Today, there is an entire line of qualified […]

Flexible Pack-Out | Mobile HICS Cart | EP Response Trailers

Flexible Pack-OutIncrease Capacity / Decrease WeightCool Cubes™ have remarkable insulation. Because of this fact, many customers choose not to utilize all six 4°C cooling panels. For instance, the VT-100 will hold a 2-8°C range for a lab validated 76+ hours with all the panels surrounding the payload. That same unit packed out with only one […]

Quick & Simple | Data Logging | MCI Beds

Quick & SimpleValidated Container & Pack-OutQuick: Cooling panels condition quickly to 4°C.Simple: Pack-out is simple for all seasons.Cool Cubes™ unique (and patented) cooling systems come apart for easy conditioning and storage. Then they simply fit together to surround valuable payload with solid 4°C walls for days. (Also available are interchangeable -20°C “frozen” and/or 22°C “room […]

Storable MCI Response | Win Amazon $25 Gift Card | System Training

Storable MCI ResponseACS/ER Systems for HealthcareA Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) can quickly exhaust the resources of a community. VeriCor solutions (ACS Systems, Mobile ERs, Triage & Treatment Systems, etc.) provide extra resources within a single “Response-Friendly® System” that is comprehensive, efficient, and simple to maintain. These mobile solutions come complete, meticulously organized, with the correct […]

30 Days Left – Get Creative | Vaccine/Blood Transport | Deal With the Mess

30 Days Left – Get Creative!Fill Response Plan GapsWith 30 days left to obligate PHEP/HPP money, it’s time to either use it or lose it. Is there a gap in the preparedness plan (i.e. bariatric supplies, pediatric care, FNSS)? What about that “wish list” of equipment (i.e. beds, storage, HICS)? Every year around this time […]

VeriCor’s View and Comment Contest Official Rules

VeriCor’s View and Comment Contest Official RulesNO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE OR PAYMENT OF ANY KIND WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING.Eligibility: The “VeriCor’s View and Comment Contest” (the “Contest”) is free to enter and open to any legal resident of the fifty (50) United States (including District of Columbia) who is 18 years […]

No Power – No Problem | MCI Response | Supply Replenishment

No Power? No Problem. Keep Vaccines Safe for Days Power outages create major problems with vaccine storage (i.e. South Australia’s $400K loss last year). The ability to protect vaccines during a blackout is not easy since the typical vaccine fridge drifts above 8°C within a couple of hours after losing electricity. Click here to read […]

Protect Vaccine During a Power Outage

Protect Vaccine During a Power Outage Power outages create major problems with vaccine storage. Vaccine storage temperatures are critical, and your ability to protect vaccines during a blackout begins from the moment you start storing vaccine. The costs of a power failure can be high, such as the South Australian storms of 2016 that caused 14,656 […]

Cool Cube™ Insulation | Coop Agreement Deadlines | Response Ready Cases

Cool Cube™ Insulation VIPs are a Very Important Part Some coolers are bulky. Others cannot hold a temperature well. The Cool Cube™ solves both problems. At just 1″ thick, its vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) perform better than 3.3″ of polyurethane — the insulation found in other high performance coolers. This unique feature (one of many) […]