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Why PCM is Popular | Triage & Treatment System | NIMS Learning Materials

Why PCM is Popular3 Facts About Cool Cube™ PCM 1. Cool Cube™ PCM has a consistent, reliable phase change temperature. PCM naturally maintains its phase change temperature while melting or freezing. The problem with water is that it has a fixed phase change point at 0°C/32°F, outside the parameters of most temperature sensitive product. Cool […]

Newly Revised by the CDC | Burn Care Kit | Response-Ready PPE Kits

Newly Revised by the CDCVaccine Storage & Handling ToolkitThe CDC just came out with the January 2018 revision of the “Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit” (found on the CDC website here). The #1 question: What changed?The 82-page document is a lot to take in. But if familiar with the previous version, review/download the 30 changes […]

The Cool Cube™ Edge | Medical Organizers | EP Response Trailers

The Cool Cube™ EdgeA Foolproof SystemCool Cubes™ have the edge when it comes to temperature sensitive transport:The extremely effective Surround-Care™ Insulation system has a patented edge abutment assembly process to increase resistance to abrasion and impact.The passive cooling system is comprised of PCM made from vegetable sources, which has the edge on other paraffin-based variations […]

Need It Before 2018 | The Impact of Data Loggers | Vertical Medical Kits

Need It Before 2018?We Are Here for YouSome ordering doesn’t happen until the last minute. So if a rush is needed, we may be able to help. Most of our individual products (coolers, data loggers, cases, etc.) can be found on Amazon. However, if special invoicing is needed, send us an email ( or give […]

Temp Holding PCM Panels | ACS Preparedness | Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Temp Holding PCM Panels*Very Different From Ice Bottles*When using conditioned water bottles as a coolant, bottles plateau at 0°C until completely thawed. When using conditioned PCM panels as a coolant, panels plateau at 4.5°C until completely thawed. Which coolant is safer to have next to valuable vaccine, blood, medicine or other refrigerated product…0°C or 4.5°C? […]

Cold Chain Compliance | Response-Friendly® Mobile ER | Mitigate the Risk

Cool Cube™ + DDL =Cold Chain ComplianceNeed a foolproof system for vaccine transport (or power-failure back-up) in 2018? Get a Cool Cube™ + DDL (digital data logger) combination for a safe, reliable, long-lasting solution created specifically for cold chain management. Cool Cubes™ maintain refrigerated, frozen, or room temperature product for days…without the aid of ice, […]

Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™ | A Mess of Supplies Will Do Nothing | Drill/Exercise a VeriCor System

Really??? Wow!Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™FAQ: Can Cool Cubes™ be opened?Answer: Yes This past summer a VT-100 was logged as being opened 56 times over 82 hours. No ice, no electricity, and the product inside stayed between 3° and 8°C the entire time. Its cooling panels were “conditioned” in a regular refrigerator (2°C for 12 […]

Keep Vaccine and Blood 4C | Beds for a Medical Surge | Replacing Expired Supplies

Keep Vaccine/Blood @ 4°C Alternative to the DIY Mess Transporting vaccine/blood/medicine is a necessity that many times ends up being a DIY project. The shopping, testing, validating, training and other headaches associated with figuring out a cooler and pack-out system can be overwhelming, not to mention costly if things go wrong. That’s why we created […]

Compliant Data Loggers | The VIP Advantage | Triage & Treatment System

Compliant Data Loggers Models: Basic to Wi-Fi As the guidelines for monitoring temperature sensitive product become more and more stringent, an emphasis is being placed on data loggers and the ability to create a detailed record of the storage environment when needed. VeriCor carries a variety of loggers that are CDC/FDA compliant. Need help choosing? […]

2017 NIMS Refreshed | Cold Chain Challenges | Mobile Workstations

2017 NIMS Refreshed A Case for All Incidents Last month FEMA released the updated version of the National Incident Management System (NIMS). While reviewing the changes (see it here if you haven’t already), consider the compact, mobile HICS case for all incidents regardless of cause, size, location or complexity. A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, […]