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Can the Cool Cube™ be locked? | Staff PPE for Infectious Disease | A Kit Specific for Burn Care

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: Can the Cool Cube™ be locked?Answer: Yes. Locks are not provided with Cool Cube™ PCM coolers due to the differing regulations of various entities. However, quite a few styles and sizes of locks are compatible with the coolers to ensure that valuable product not only stays at the […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Command & Control | EP Supply Trailers

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: How are these different than the ice/Igloo combination I use now?Answer: This short 2-minute video (click here) explains it well. But if you don’t have two minutes, here it is in brief…Ice and off-the-shelf coolers are for chilling beverages, not managing critical temperatures for life-saving products. Ice melts at […]

Compliant Data Loggers | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mobile Emergency Room

Compliant Data LoggersModels: Basic to Wi-FiAs the guidelines for monitoring temperature sensitive product become more and more stringent, an emphasis is being placed on data loggers and the ability to create a detailed record of the storage environment when needed. VeriCor carries a variety of loggers that are CDC/FDA compliant. Need help choosing? Use the […]

Vaccination Kits | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Alternate Care Site

Vaccination KitsThe VACCINATOR LineSupplies that are Ready-to-GoThe DIY model of counting, ordering and organizing all of the supplies needed for upcoming vaccination campaigns is tiresome. Save time and look more professional with pre-packaged kits by VeriCor. With three primary sizes (500, 2500, 5000-person), these easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used […]

A Question from Your Colleagues | Pan-Flu Cache SystemSlow Down a Flu Pandemic | When Supplies Expire

A Question from Your Colleagues Cool Cube™ FAQ Question: Is buffering material needed?Answer: No. The phase change material (PCM) panels that control the temperature of the Cool Cube™ are very close to, if not at, the temperature of the product. So when packed-out, PCM surrounds the product (all 6 sides), protecting and maintaining its temperature. […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Patient Surge Training | Convert Your Supplies

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From ColleaguesQuestion: What maintenance do your PCM coolers require?Answer: Not much as it is a passive system (no moving parts). Wiping down the removable panels every once in a while is probably the most you will need to do with the Cool Cube™. Check out the short, less than 2-minute video, […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mobile Workstations | Patient Beds

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From ColleaguesQuestion: Are Cool Cube™ PCM coolers “hard-sided”?Answer: Yes. All Cool Cube™ coolers have a hard shell that sits within the exterior case/bag. So even though the two smaller models (03 & 08) have canvas-like fabric, outer carrying cases, within those bags are rigid, inflexible, insulation shells that do not bend […]

Response-Ready PPE Kits | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Disaster Planning & Triage

Response-Ready PPE KitsInfectious Disease PreventionInfectious disease incidents pose unique challenges that diminish a healthcare’s response to an emergency. So having ready prepositioned PPE kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services should save lives. VeriCor’s smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized within a mobile […]

A MedKit for Burn Care | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mobile HICS Station

A MedKit for Burn CareMass Casualty Burn Treatment Does your facility have the assets required to respond to a mass burn casualty event? The Response-Friendly® Burn Care MedKit can fill the gaps of your inventory with supplies specialized for burn care treatment. When deployed, the Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) gives medical personnel quick access to supplies […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Organizers | EP Deployment Trailers

Cool Cube™ FAQAnother thing to keep in mind…Question: Is temperature monitoring integrated into the cooler?Answer: No, but it is ready to accommodate your monitor. The fact is a Cool Cube™ PCM cooler is so reliable and so steady, that monitoring the temperature is redundant, especially when using it for less than a day. There are […]