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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Staff PPE Kits | EP Deployment Trailers

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: “How can I buy a Cool Cube™?”Answer: There are a number of different procurement channels available to assist you:Direct…call or email today with a credit card or PO; it will be fast and easy.Amazon…orders usually ship the following day from our facility in Wisconsin.GSA…get a federal entity discount […]

Medical Cases | Cool Cube™ FAQ | HICS Workstation

Medical CasesOrganize EP AssetsWhen personnel go into the field, it is essential that medical supplies arrive safe, intact and ready for treatment. Secure, mobilize, organize, and protect valuable medical equipment and supplies in storage. From the compact Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) to the rolling Mobile Charging Station (MC-MCS), checkout VeriCor’s wide array of options. Customization […]

Temp Monitor FAQ | Patient Alternate Care Site | A “Golden Hour” Solution

Temp Monitor FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: “How do I change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit?”Answer: The bottom front cover slides down to reveal the buttons needed on the TM-6430, TM-6431, TM-6440, TM-6441 models. Feeling foolish? Don’t…many others have missed that as well. Now if you have the TM-4127, that cover does not slide down…the […]

Kits to Vaccinate | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Fully Stocked Medical Kits

Kits to VaccinateVaccination Supplies Ready-to-GoThe DIY model of counting, ordering and organizing all of the supplies needed for upcoming vaccination campaigns is tiresome. Save time and look more professional with pre-packaged kits by VeriCor. With three primary sizes (500, 2500, 5000-person), these easy-to-store, simple-to-move, “just add staff and vaccine” kits can be used for seasonal […]

Temp Monitors & Loggers | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Flu Pandemic Supplies

Temp Monitors & LoggersBasic? Wi-Fi? What to choose…Gone are the days of pen and paper notes proving the cold chain was not broken. Instead, spreadsheets with up-to-the-minute temperatures create a detailed picture of the past (and present) storage condition of temperature sensitive product. VeriCor carries a variety of loggers that are CDC/FDA compliant. Need help […]

Supply Replenishment | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Clinic Workstations

Supply ReplenishmentReplace Expired Product EasilySupply replenishment and supply management (inventory control) of earmarked preparedness product can be daunting. Is equipment recalled? Are supplies expired? If you have a Response-Friendly® System, use the SmartBook™ inventory file and sort by “Expiration Date” to make sure that your product is up-to-date. Don’t have time? We understand. That’s why […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Beds for a Surge Response | Cache Conversion

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: How many times can the Cool Cube™ be opened?Answer: A lot. Unlike a fridge that when opened cold air escapes out the bottom and warm air enters from the top, the Cool Cube™ has a top-open design. When opened, the cool air stays down within the unit while […]

Quickly Triage an MCI | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Preparedness Training

Quickly Triage an MCIA Disaster Planning SystemIncidences that can that can overwhelm or disrupt the care capacity of your healthcare system can be prepared for. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System manages and equips responders with the resources to triage AND treat victims of a mass casualty incident (MCI). Color-coded mobile cases and care-specific hanging […]

Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Supply Trailers | Burn Care MedKit

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: Are the ice packs reusable?Answer: Yes. The various versions of Cool Cube™ phase change material (PCM) have research supporting zero thermal degradation while exposed to over 10,000 thermal cycles. That means there is a long-life ahead for this temperature controlling system.But make no mistake…the “ice packs” are not […]

Response-Ready EVD PPE | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Cases for EP

Response-Ready EVD PPEInfectious Disease DetermentInfectious disease incidents pose unique challenges that diminish a healthcare’s response to an emergency. So having ready prepositioned PPE kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services should save lives. VeriCor’s smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized within a mobile […]