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One Temp Controlled Cooler | A Requirement of Preparedness | A Requirement of Preparedness #2

Two Simple QuestionsOne Temp Controlled CoolerWhat temperature range is needed?How much interior space is needed?Answering these two questions will direct you to a cooler and pack-out system that will surprise you and have someone saying “why didn’t we buy these last year?” Qualified/validated Cool Cubes™ are safe, easy to use, and hold valuable product at […]

One Way to Maintain the Cold Chain | A System for MCI Response | On-the-Go Supply Management

Moving Vaccine & BloodOne Way to Maintain the Cold ChainWhen transporting vaccines/blood (for off-site use, temporary relocation, contingency plan activation, etc.), there is one rule…the cold chain must be maintained! When the cold chain is broken, lives are at stake, and at the very least, hundreds of dollars wasted. Don’t leave the cold chain to […]

Physics 101 | Mobile Incident Command Center | Storable & Portable PPE Kits

Use 0° or 4.5°C Coolant?Physics 101When using a conditioned water bottle as a coolant, the bottle plateaus at 0°C until completely thawed (the basic physics is that the warm energy is absorbed by the ice to melt it). Now compare that to specialized PCM (phase-change material) which, under the same principle, plateaus at 4.5°C until […]

Low-Tech Smart Coolers | Medical EM Cases | ASPR: Burn Care Surge

Low-Tech Smart Coolersfor Vaccine, Blood, PharmaceuticalsNo cumbersome cords to manage.No moving parts to break.No frozen ice bottles (0°C) to condition.No cheap gel packs to disintegrate.These simple, safe, dependable coolers have 3 parts: a case, the insulation, and the temperature cartridges (flat PCM panels that surround the contents at the correct temperature…4°C, -20°C, or 22°C). Cool […]

SMART & SAFE Coolers | Disaster Response Trailers | Modern Day Roll-Packs

SMART & SAFE Coolersfor Vaccine, Blood, PharmaceuticalsIn addition to the safe and effective cooling system, Cool Cubes™ have remarkable insulation. Therefore, many customers choose not to utilize all six cooling panels (just like reducing the number of ice/gel packs for shorter trips). For instance, the VT-100 will hold a 2-8°C range for a lab validated […]

Vaccine Transport | Make Vaccinations Easier | Pan-Flu Medical Cache

Vaccine TransportCoolers Perfect for Fall Flu ClinicsCan’t find your cooler? Don’t want to mess with ice? Want something lighter? Need something better? The VeriCor Cool Cube™ is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. But the main thing is…it works. Three super-cool features (the user-friendly case, the high-performance insulation, and the slick-removable panels) are […]

Cool Cubes™ | Response-Friendly® ACS | Mobile ER System

Cool Cubes™A 2 Min. Video That Changes ThingsNo ice! No electricity! No excursions for days!It’s only a matter of time that this technology will be mandatory when transporting temperature sensitive product (vaccine, blood, medicine). Click to the right to watch the 2-minute video about how Cool Cubes™ work, or click below to learn more about […]

Cool Cubes™ | Support They Can Rest On | MCI Scenario Training

Cool Cubes™The Ultimate Cooler w/ Pack-Out?A common question: Can Cool Cubes™ be opened? Answer: Yes. Recently during a 3-day period, a VT-100 was logged as being opened 56 times over the 82 hours it was in a warm, humid room. While it is no surprise to us, product inside the Cool Cube™ 100 at Fridge […]

Easy-to-Use Data Loggers | Triage & Treatment | Convert the “Cache”

Easy-to-Use Data LoggersTemperature Sensitive MonitoringAs the guidelines for monitoring temperature sensitive product become more and more stringent, an emphasis is being placed on data loggers and the ability to create a detailed record of the storage environment when needed. VeriCor carries a variety of loggers that are CDC/FDA compliant. Order direct or buy them on […]

The Cool Cube™ Edge | Workstations Made Simple | Easy Replenishment

The Cool Cube™ EdgePun IntendedCool Cubes™ have the edge when it comes to temperature sensitive transport:The extremely effective Surround-Care™ Insulation system has a patented edge abutment assembly process to increase resistance to abrasion and impact.The passive cooling system is comprised of PCM made from vegetable sources, which has the edge on other paraffin-based variations (vegetable-based […]