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Cool Cube™ VT-50

Careful management of resources is important. Vaccines are sensitive biological products which may become less effective, or even destroyed, when exposed to temperatures outside the recommended range. Cold-sensitive vaccines experience an immediate loss of potency following freezing. Vaccines exposed to temperatures above the recommended temperature range experience some loss of potency with each episode of exposure. Repetitive exposure to heat episodes results in a cumulative loss of potency that is not reversible. Upwards to nearly a quarter of healthcare providers expose vaccines to improper storage temperatures, so there is a need for a simple, effective product that can ensure proper cold chain management. Enter in the Cool Cube™.

Cool Cube™ Vaccine Transport Coolers are passively cooled, compact units that will maintain a consistent temperature range for an extended period of time. Six removable panels eliminate the need for ice or electricity and make conditioning (and pack-out) quicker and easier than anything on the market. Cool Cubes™ are the best thermal protection transport products available to maintain the vaccine cold chain!

Freeze TICs
Step 1-2 Cool Cube™ TIC System

Assemble TIC Base

Step 1-3 Cool Cube™ TIC System

Load Cargo

Step 1-4 Cool Cube™ TIC System

Insert TIC Lid

Step 1-5 Cool Cube™ TIC System

Close & Secure

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Cool Cube™ VT-420

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Cool Cube™ 50 – Holds 50 multi-dose vials between 2° to 8°C for 65 hours.
Cool Cube™ 50 for Varicella – Holds 50 multi-dose vials between -50° to -15°C for 100 hours.
Cool Cube™ 420 – Holds 420 multi-dose vials between 2° to 8°C for 106 hours.
Cool Cube™ 420 for Varicella – Holds 420 multi-dose vials between -50° to -15°C for 102 hours.
Certified Traceable Thermometer – Provides continuous monitoring of temperatures.

**Factory verified data sheets on all Cool Cubes™ available upon request.